Open-Ended Working Group On Ageing

The Open-ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWGA), was established by the United Nations General Assembly resolution 65/182 in 2010 to consider “the existing international framework of the human rights of older persons and identifying possible gaps and how best to address them, including by considering, as appropriate, the feasibility of further instruments and measures”.

In 2013, the Human Rights Council decided to appoint an independent expert on the enjoyment of all human rights by older persons (HRC resolution 24/20).  The first Independent Expert was Ms. Rosa Kornfeld-Matte.  The second Independent Expert, Ms. Claudia Mahler, assumed her duties in May 2020.

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Background Material - here

  1. Why we need a convention to promote and protect the rights of older persons.
  2.  Brief background notes on ageing issues leading up to the establishment of the OEWGA.
  3. A new convention on the rights of older people: a concrete proposal.
  4.  Advocacy tips [Coming Soon...]

Reports of the OEWGA:










Additional information on third session of the OEWGA

Reports of the Independent Expert:

Reports on Country visits

  • New Zealand, China, 2020  
  • Mozambique, Uruguay,  2019
  • Montenegro, Georgia, 2018
  • Namibia, 2017
  • Singapore, Costa Rica, 2016
  • Mauritius, Austria, 2015
  • Slovenia, 2014

Useful information about the rights of older persons, including advocacy guidelines, toolkits, etc.

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