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Video of NGOCOA mtg on Brain Health, 7 May 2020



Video of NGO COA program meeting on Brain Health, held on 7 May 2020, can be accessed here.


Ms. Jane Barratt, Secretary-General, International Federation on Ageing

"The Treatment for Dementia is Prevention: Reflections from the IFA Copenhagen Summit on Cognitive Reserve"

Ms. Evelyn Greenberg, Representative to the United Nations, Association Montesorri Internationale

"The Montessori approach to engaging older adults who are suffering from memory loss and sensory impairment"

In memoriam - Nadia Shmigel

IN MEMORIAM - Nadia Shmigel

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Nadia Shmigel, a staunch supporter of the work of the NGO Committee on Ageing, particularly with reference to older women and advocacy efforts to elaborate a convention to protect the rights of older persons. Nadia was a political refugee from Ukraine to the United States where she obtained a master’s degree in psychological social work,  raised a son and daughter, worked in social services helping drug-affected families in South Bronx and eventually contributed to the work of the United Nations through involvement in NGOs, including the NGO Committee on the Status of Women and the NGO Committee on the Family (which she chaired for a number of years).  Nadia joined an assisted living facility on Long Island in 2019 and sadly passed away on 9 April 2020, as a result of Covid-19.  She was 87 years old.  

nadia shmigel, with son, Peter, 2019

Peter Shmigel & Nadia, 2019

The link to the obituary written by her son Peter is here:

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A number of selected documents addressing COVID-19 and older persons from a global perspective can be accessed here:

  1. United Nations/DESA Issue Brief:  Older persons and COVID-19.
  2. GAROP letter to the High Commission For Human Rights, dated 6 April 2020.
  3. GAROP letter to the Chair of the Open-ended Working Group on Ageing, dated 16 April 2020.
  4. GAROP letter to the Director-General of the World Health Organization, dated 20 April 2020.
  5. GAROP statement on"The human rights of older persons must be fully protected in the COVID-19 response", 7 April 2020.
  6. Joint Statement by the Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General on Disability and Accessibility, and the United Nations Independent Expert on the Enjoyment of all Human Rights by Older Persons.
  7. HelpAge International - COVID-19: Everyone matters.
  8. HelpAge International - Guidelines for care homes for older people in the context of COVID-19.
  9. HelpAge International - COVID-19:  Guidance and advice fro older people.
  10. HelpAge International - Older people and COVID-19 in informal settlements.
  11. HelpAge International - COVID-19 and older persons, Africa Global HelpAge International Network Statement.
  12. Age International and HelpAge International -  Older people and COVID-19 in low- and middle-income countries and humanitarian settings.
  13. Age Platform Europe - COVID-19 and human rights concerns for older persons.
  14. Statement by Group of Friends of Older Persons New York, 20 April 2020.
  15. United Nations Policy Brief:  COVID-19 and Human Rights.
  16. United Nations Policy Brief on Older Persons and COVID-19.
  17. United Nations Right to Life of PWD & Older Persons infected by Covid-19.


“As long as I’m still creative ... as long as I still enjoy life, nobody has the right to write me off.”

Varda Yoran, the author. (Photo credit: Ana De Orbegoso)

Varda Yoran, the author. (Photo credit: Ana De Orbegoso)

By Varda Yoran  - April 29, 2020 (from HuffPost)

I’ve been a senior citizen for a quarter of a century and I still sculpt, read and write essays. I speak five languages, and I use email and WhatsApp to communicate with family and friends in Finland, China, Norway, England, Israel, Russia, Thailand and throughout the U.S. I run a foundation I created that assists immobile seniors. I attend classes, and I’m organizing a philosophy club via Zoom that discusses ethics, forgiveness, anger, creativity and various other topics.

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Useful websites (which also provide links to other useful information):

recent docs2

A/74/186, Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, on older persons with disabilities. 


Facts about older women prepared for UNECE Beijing plus 25 review, Geneva October 2019, Section 1: overview: achievements and challenges since 1995. 


E/CN.5/2020/3, Report of the Secretary-General on affordable housing and social protection systems for all to address homelessness.  


Report of Expert Group Meeting on “Affordable Housing and Social Protection Systems for All to Address Homelessness”.  


World Population Ageing 2019, Ten Key Messages.  Here.  Please note that the World Population Ageing 2019 report refers to older persons as 65 and above. 


A/74/170:  Report of the Secretary-General on Follow-up to the International Year of Older Persons:  Second World Assembly on Ageing. 


A/AC.278/2019/2:  Report of the Open-ended Working Group on Ageing on its tenth working session.  


For documents related to the 11th session of the Open Ended Working Group on Ageing:

A/HRC/41/32:  Report of the OHCHR on activities of the OHCHR, United Nations system and regional organizations to support States’ efforts to promote and protect the human rights of older persons.  


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